Interview with Music Therapist Carol Ann Blank, MMT, MT-BC

Hello Everyone. I’m happy to announce that Episode 3 will be with our own moderator in our group Piano Teachers for Special Needs, Carol Ann Blank, MMT, MT-BC.  We will focus on the topics of ADD, ADHD and I know many questions have come up in the past from our members. Look forward to learning a lot from Carol Ann.  The interview will be conducted this Wednesday so please let us know if you have specific question for Carol Ann.  As I know how busy we get this time of the year, just want to thank all the teachers again for your helpful comments and support.  Can’t wait to share soon!  

NFMC convention at Tulsa, Oklahoma


Hope some of you can join us at Tulsa, Oklahoma for a workshop.

Fine, Mum.You were rightabout everything.

Welcome !!

Fine, Mum.You were rightabout everything.

This website was created for teachers with any type of special needs students. We would love to exchange ideas and experiences and in the hopes that we can support each other through this journey with our students.